Educational Excellence School Advisory Council (EESAC)

The purpose of the South Dade Technical College School Educational Excellence School Advisory Council is to work to ensure improved student achievement. One of the ways the Council does is by preparing and evaluating the School Improvement Plan as required by 1008.345, F.S. Comprehensive Revision of Florida’s System of School Improvement and Education Accountability. 6Gx13- 1B-1.031.

Name of Council Members – Staff

Business Community Partners
Susana Mauri, Principal
Angelo Vásquez, Vice-Principal
Andrés Fonseca, Chairperson/UTD
Nora Hentschel, Teacher
Mayda Miranda, Teacher
James Poe, Teacher
Derek Bostic, Teacher
Gustavo Fernandez, Teacher
Joyce Griffiths, Teacher
Irmgard Sandel, Educational Support
Dolores Pedraza, Educational Support
Maria Garza, Miami Dade County Farmworkers
Ciprano Garza, Mexican American Council
Josh Cabrera, Palace Gardens
Chris Fisher, Chapman Partnership
Carlos Archbold, Miami Dade College
Karina Villaseñor, Miami Dade County Farmworkers
Anna M. Olalde, Mexican American Council
Lidia R. Bermudez, LRB Medical
Alvic Rincon, Vicar Motors


Luis Martin
Yasmina Jerez
Bianca Vidales

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